Clixon Features

Clixon Analytics

Clixon Features a powerful suite of reports to help you stay in stock and on budget.


corporate Catalog

Customize your own catalog... Add negotiated sales plan items, specific manufacturer items, etc. to your catalog. Corporate groups can limit practices access to their custom catalog improving control on product access.   Learn more...


Identify formulary... Pinpoint preferred items, items you've negotiated pricing on, etc. A simple green check-mark identifies your custom formualry items during the ordering process. Dashboards display percent of purchases in formulary with easy access to items purchased out of formulary in the current month.


Order Forms

Organize Ordering... Customize order forms to fit your needs. Assign items to order forms regardless of the vendor, forms can be private or public. Formulary items are displayed with a green check-mark, previous order date and order quantity are visible for each item. If you are not utilizing reordering prompts order forms are a great organizational tool.


Available budget... Effortlessly know what is available in your current month budget. Whether you are on your dashboard or a requisition Clixon displays your available budget and pending purchases. Permissions enable methods to avoid spending over budget.

Expense Allocations

Effortlessly expense items... GL Account and Cost Center assignments identify where you are spending. Reconcile against your vendors invoice, export to QuickBooks desktop accounting software to save time, effort, with consistent results on allocations.           Learn More...