Corporate Catalog

All products, one catalog

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Your corporate catalog is a structured approach to make products available to your team. New item requests are automatically added to your corporate catalog upon approval.

Identifying formulary items and understanding what products influence your buying power are all powerful benefits of your corporate catalog.

We currently host over 300,000 manufacturer products offered through our partner vendors. Adding items to your corporate catalog is as easy as search, select and add the item to your catalog.


Identify formulary


Identifying what products are part of your formulary guides your staff to order products they should be ordering. When searching new products from our partner vendors your contract items display as formulary. Products from any vendor can be set to formulary & display a green check-mark.

order forms

Organize Ordering

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If you are not managing stock levels and allowing Clixon to prompt you for reordering utilize order forms to simplify the ordering process.

Create as many order forms as needed, label forms so you understand what you are looking for. Order forms will guide you with last order date & quantity for every product you order.

Corporate groups can create order forms and sync to practices organizing ordering systematically.


Easy to follow

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Establishing a budget is the first step to getting control of your spending. Track spending in various category groups and remove spending that doesn’t belong in your budget. Clixon allows you to analyze current & previous months budgets, identify where you were in budget and where you overspent.

Corporate groups can report as a group or filter to specific practices within their group.


Understand spending

Effortlessly expense products when purchasing with preset GL Accounts and Cost Centers. Or, create and assign your own cost centers. Regardless of the type of business you operate or how much detail you are looking for Clixon can breakdown your expenses and give you powerful reporting tools to understand your spending.

Match GL Accounts and Cost Centers to your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and Classes to allow for seamless export/importing of approved purchases from Clixon. 

Do you manage product levels on your shelf? When issuing products out of stock Clixon allows for Issue Cost Center assignments. This enables you to identify what products are being used in your business along with where and who is utilizing those products.